Welcome to my homepage. I currently hold an Associate Professor position at the Department of Economics in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Southampton. My primary research interest lies in the organization of investment and production in an economy, identifying potential mis-allocation and dynamic consequences touching issues in development economics and applied micro theory, for instance the sorting of talent in educational markets and implications for social mobility induced by college admission rules.

I have published research on occupational choice and assignment markets, when institutional or micro-economic imperfections (for instance limitations to instruments or information available to contracting parties) have adverse effects on the economy wide allocation (e.g. in terms of education investments and mismatch on capital and labor markets).


Thomas Gall e-mail: t<dot>gall<at>soton<dot>ac<dot>uk
Department of Economics office: Building 58, room 3.041
School of Social Sciences office hour: Monday and Tuesday, 2.30-3.30pm
University of Southampton (or by appointment)
Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK fon: + 4423 8059 2529

Mini Course for PhD Students on "Matching Markets and Investment Incentives", 23rd-26th November 2015

In November 2015 I started to give a mini course for PhD students on the topic "matching markets and investment incentives". The course focuses on mis-allocation of heterogeneous agents (e.g., in the labour market or in university admission), due to limits in the flexibility of the price system, and on possible effects on prior choices. The course contains micro-economic theory and implications for economic policy as well as empirical applications. Please find the lecture slides here.

Conference "Credibility of Empirical Research", 3rd & 4th July 2015

In July 2015 I co-organized a conference on the topic "Credibility of Empirical Research", on the scope of the problem of the problem of non-replicable research results in various fields of science and the potential role of economics in devising and evaluating remedies.

Conference "Gaming Incentive Systems" in June 2011

In June 2011 I organized a conference on the topic "Gaming Incentive Systems: Theory and Evidence".